Mike has been honored as a "Top 10 Instructor in Florida", by Florida Golf News for many years in a row. He also was the 2005 and 2010 National Hickory Championship Winner. Congrats Mike!

Here are some simple golf tips from Mike Stevens to improve as a golfer.

Success starts with your state of mind

Becoming a good golfer depends on your belief system. If you don’t think you can become a good golfer, you won’t. It’s like that favorite club you have. You hit it well because you believe you will. So the first step is to believe you can learn what it takes to be good. It is not as hard as you think.


New golfers - don’t rush the learning process

You will get better in golf the way you accomplish anything in life - in steps of progress, one step at a time. Don’t worry at first if a shot is good or bad. You can’t make it happen all at once. Have patience and understand it takes several weeks to learn golf swing motions.


Don’t give up to easily

Golf is not easy, but it is easy to give up if success does not come quickly. A friend told me she spent 3 months on the driving range before she ever went on the golf course. She routinely scores in the eighties now.


































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Latest News

Latest News

Mike Has Been Named as a Top 100 Teacher by the World Golf Teachers Federation.
Mike has been inducted into the United States Golf Teachers Hall of Fame.

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Mike offers many game improvement packages for individuals, groups, and juniors.

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